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In this workshop we will explore wheel shapes and variations including alien wheel, drop back and some funky transitions in and out of wheel.

The workshop will start with a warm up designed yo build fluidity and awareness in the spine. This will include spinal waves, twists and spirals. We will then go on to explore drills including:

*Glute and hamstring activation

*Shoulder, upper back opening

*Hip flexor/quad strengthening and flexibility

The second part of the workshop will explore shapes and transitions in wheel including alien wheel and drop back variations and how you can adapt them for your own practice. We will then explore how you can link these poses together to create fun transitions and your own creative sequences.

Props needed for this workshop include: 1 strap, two blocks and some wall space. It may also be useful to have a pilates ball and resistance band.

Pre requisites: Must be able to push up into a wheel pose unassisted.

Wheel shapes and transitions

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