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The Art of Flex-ability 5 week immersion - Inversion focus



Learn the tools and techniques to safely take your flexibility practice upside down. In this  immersive we will cover flexibility shapes including splits, tuck, straddle, pike, stag and scorpion.


Each session will start with a strength and conditioning warm-up. This will be followed by an exploration of the mechanics of each pose/transition which will include mobility and alignment based drills and prop based assists. We will then explore ways to safely come in and out of each arm balance/inversion. This will include how to work with the wall, modifications, advancements and transitions.


You do not have to be able to hold inversions away from the wall to do this immersive. However, it is recommended that you have at least one years experience in a movement based practice e.g. yoga, dance, pole dance, aerial.


Immersion focus:


Session 1: Shoulder stand and shoulder rolls, fallen angel and eka pada koundinyasana variations.


Session 2: Scorpion forearm and handstand, stag, double stag, chest stand and croc variations.


Session 3: Hollow-back including alien wheel, charging scorpion, forearm wheel and hollow back forearm and handstand.


Session 4: Hand stand press including tuck, straddle and pike variations. We will also cover firefly pose in this session.


Session 5: Transitions and sequencing. In this session we will look at how you can link some of the arm balances and inversions we have covered together. This will include choreography both with and without the wall. We will also cover leg shapes and arm variations in headstand, forearm stand and handstand. Options will be given based on your level.l up

The Art of Flex-ability - Inversion Immersive

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