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Develop the strength, awareness and mobility you need to safely develop your backbend practice.

During these Master Classes you’ll be given a toolkit of drills to incorporate, and explore

assists and transitions inspired by contortion,dance and mobility training for further support and strength.

Schedule: The classes will take place on Wednesday 19th and 26th April and Wednesday 3rd and 10th of May. If you can’t make the live the recording will also be available for you to practice on demand.

Week 1: Hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes. Poses covered include cobra, bow, donut and scorpion.

Week 2: Shoulders and hamstrings. Poses covered include flipped grip in king pigeon, lunge and split variations, dancer and needle.

Week 3: Upper back and shoulders. Poses covered include wheel and hollow-back variations including drop back, forearm wheel and alien.

Week: lower/middle back, chest and neck extension. Poses covered include chest stand, croc and fallen dancer/mountain pose variations and transitions.

The Art of Backbends Immersion

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