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Sunday February 11th 2-4pm UK time

This workshop is based on one of the most common requests I get from my students which is “How do you get your foot to touch your head?”

In this workshop will explore the mechanics behind this action including hamstring, glute and middle back engagement as well as chest, neck, thoracic and hip flexor opening.

We will start with a warm-up followed by contortion style strength and mobility drills. We will then explore poses including lunge, cobra, bow and scorpion.

The workshop will end with creative sequencing and transitions followed by a cool down and the opportunity to ask questions.

The workshop will be live on Zoom and will also be recorded and available to purchase after.


Some flexibility experience or a consistent yoga/movement practice. Must be able to push up into a wheel and kick into a forearm/handstand against a wall.

Props needed:

Mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket, wall space. It is also useful to have a long resistance band, chair, pilates ball and yoga wheel.

Cost: £30 everyone who joins the live will also be sent the recording after so they can practice.

Th Art of Flex-ability Head to toe Workshop

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