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Creative Transitions - On Demand Series 


One of the biggest blocks I come across with yoga teachers and students is that they feel stuck or uninspired with their teaching or practice.  A common question I get asked is “Where do you get the inspiration for your sequencing from?” 


To address this, I am so excited to release my Creative Transitions bundle, which includes over 4 hours of content designed to give you an insight into my sequencing method.  These videos deconstruct my creative process through sharing tools and techniques you can use to inspire your own creativity and build sequences that are as unique as you are.


These 8 videos are between 10-30 minutes each and break down some of my favorite transitions inspired by contemporary dance and pole dance. Each video explores a different transition in a multitude of ways, showing how you can play and experiment with it before building it seamlessly into your yoga practice creating sequences in a way that structurally makes sense.


The series then ends with a 75 minute flow which encompasses all of the elements you have learnt throughout the series, providing you with a fun example of how the transitions can be threaded together to create a fun and innovative flow.  My goal is to inspire your practice and think of movement as more a creative process without limits.


Once you have purchased the series you will then be sent an email with the link to each of the classes and the private Whatsapp Group.  If you can't see it make sure to check your spam mail!


Creative Transitions On Demand Series

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