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This Backbend Workshop series consists of 4 75 minute backbend classes which break down and demystify some of the most popular backbend requests and questions that I get asked about. The classes include:


1: Camel and floating camel 

2: Cobra and full bow

3: How to safely drop back 

4: Backbends with splits


The classes are taught in my signature style which combines flow with mobility and flexibility drills influenced by yoga, contortion and dance.


Each class starts with a warm up designed to strengthen and stretch the areas of the body we are working with. After the warmup, we explore the mechanics and alignment of each key pose and how you can adapt them to suit your body and goals.  The final part of each class explores sequencing and fun transitions designed to inspire your creativity and help you move with fluidity, grace and awareness in and out of each pose.


You can expect a fun, informative and playful practice which is designed to suit all levels whether you're relatively new to these postures or are looking for something to challenge, motivate and push your flexibility to the next level.


Once you have purchased the series you will then be sent an email with the link to each of the classes.  If you can't see it make sure to check your spam mail!

Backbend Workshop Series

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