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Develop the strength, awareness, and mobility to safely deepen your flexibility and increase your range of motion.


This course combines warm ups, drills, prop based assists and transitions inspired by yoga, contortion and dance that will help you develop a strong, solid, and safe foundation.


Props required: 2 blocks, 2 yoga straps, wall space, small Pilates ball.


What’s included:

*5 2 hour Workshop sessions

*A recording of each workshop

*Personalized feedback on your progress




Session 1: Hamstrings and hips including front and middle splits, variations and transitions.

Session 2: Flipped grip including ankle catches in pigeon, lunge, splits, bow and dancer.

Session 3:Wheel play including drop backs, forearm wheel, kick overs and alien wheel

Session 4: Chest stand including entries into chest stand and fallen angel variations and transitions.

Sesasion 5: Scorpion play including scorpion pincha and handstand, croc pose and funky pincha.

Art of Flex-ability Immersion

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