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Hi, I’m Rebecca and I'm so glad you’ve come across my page. My mission is to inspire your creativity, ignite a sense of fun, freedom and playfulness in your practice and support you to be happy and healthy from the inside out.

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About me 

I was introduced to yoga through physical theatre and performance. As a performer I was initially attracted to the physical side of yoga and how it could be used as a tool for creative expression. After my 200hr YTT in hatha followed by an additional 200 hours in ashtanga, I discovered a passion for creativity in different styles of movement disciplines. This interest was channelled into further trainings, including 200 hours of Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong (a fusion of martial arts, Thai massage and yoga), 50 hours Tripsichore Yoga Choreography, calisthenics, and circus arts.

I have taught workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in over 20 different countries across four continents. This includes my signature training ‘The Art of Flex-ability’ which combines drills, assists, and transitions inspired by yoga, contortion, dance and Thai massage. 

My intention as a teacher is to help students discover presence through play, teaching sequences that are fun, innovative, creative and smart. I have a strong focus on developing the strength to safely support flexibility, while using movement as a tool for mindfulness, communication, creativity and self-expression.


It is my belief that everyone has the potential to be creative. My intention is to support you to find your physical expression and creativity, learning how to move in an intelligent way that works for you, your lifestyle and goals.


Just like we need variety in our diet I also believe that our bodies need to learn to adapt and move in a multitude of ways. To support this and help you reach your peak physical performance my teaching incorporates movement from a wide variety of disciplines including yoga, contortion, calisthenics, functional fitness and dance.


Everything in life is movement, even the word emotion ‘energy in motion’ connotes movement. Just as it’s important to work on your physical health I also believe that qualities and attributes such as creativity, imagination, self-belief, self-expression and self-confidence work like a muscle and that you need to train them in order to make them stronger. To support this my teaching style focuses on the way we frame our thoughts and language looking at how the intentions that we set and the words that we use have a powerful impact on our performance and the relationship we have both with ourselves and the wider world around us.

My Style


The Art of Flex-ability 

Learn how to safely strengthen your flexibility and increase your range of motion using active and static stretches inspired by yoga, contortion and dance.

Each week we will focus on a different area of the body including the whole extension of the back, hamstrings and hips. The class will safely guide you through a series of mobility drills and prop/wall based assists which will help you improve your body awareness, strength, flexibility and alignment.

The sessions will end with creative sequencing and transitions which will be adapted to push and challenge all levels.

Props needed: blocks, straps, socks, mat

Creative Vinyasa 

Inspired by vinyasa yoga and dance this class links breath to movement helping you to find your flow state and switch off from the chaos and stresses of modern day life.  Each class will explore a signature motif e.g. waves, circles, spirals exploring how it can be used to explore the transitions in and out of poses and discover a sense of fun, fluidity and freedom in your practice.

Thai Flow Therapy

Inspired by disciplines such as yin yoga, thai massage and dance the class will start with self-massage and myofascial release techniques. We will then go on to explore a range of different stretching techniques including dynamic, active, ballistic and PNF stretching designed to gradually open up and strengthen the area of the body we are working on. The class will then blend into longer static holds which can be supported by the use of props to help you find your alignment and gradually work deeper into each pose.

Signature Classes


"There is just so much I can say about, not only the yoga classes but Rebecca herself. Rebecca with her motivating, loving energy has created a yoga community that feels like a supportive family. There’s never any pressure or expectation, only creativity and encouragement.  Rebecca’s grace and ability inspires you to get on the mat and her knowledge, playfulness and kindness keep you there! There’s a holistic approach to Becky’s teaching that extends beyond your session and into your day to day life with kindness and positivity. 

The yoga classes offer such variety of poses, playful transitions, challenges and progressions as well as modifications depending on ability or injury. For me, I’ve found each session highlights areas of strength, mobility and flexibility that I need to work on and shows exactly how to progress in this area. Rebecca listens to her students and tailors classes to what we want to focus on, weaving it in to the class in such a beautifully creative way. 

I’ve always enjoyed yoga but Rebecca has made me completely and utterly fall in love with it. She’s helped me in more ways than I can express and I’m so unbelievably grateful." - Hannah Quinn - UK

"I recently started practicing with Rebecca and she has been the fresh breath of air I’ve been missing from my practice! She brings so much good energy and playfulness into every movement and is so original in her style and technique. She gives lots of helpful cues on form and body positioning allowing me to do the pose correctly, feel safe in the pose, and even go further into the pose.


I can already feel the improvement in both my splits and backbends after only two classes! Her classes are creative and challenging and I trust her to safely get me in and out of any pose. I love her mix of strength and flexibility training, encouraging me to work on mindfulness as well as body awareness. She pushes me to be better and this is invaluable in both my real life and in my practice. I’m incredibly grateful that I found her and can’t wait for what the future has to offer." - Rachel Petrover - Israel 

"When I started practicing with Rebecca I used to believe that my body would have never be able to do certain poses, but she proved me wrong in a short amount of time. She always pushes me outside of my comfort zone in such a good way, I always feel safe in her classes and I really trust her as my teacher, because I know that she will always assist me and not a pose. Her classes are playful and challenging, I love her cues and emphasis on correct form. Her unique style is a mix of strength and flexibility perfect to connect breath and movements. I love the sense of calm and awareness that she makes me find every single time. 

I’m truly grateful for her style and energy" - Lucrezia - Italy 

"Rebecca's flows combine the perfect mix of creative movement, stretching and strengthening. She is an amazing teacher who always shares her knowledge and skill in every class. I have seen the improvement of my strength and flexibility through practicing with her virtually.

What I like most is her ability to make her classes accessible for every level, offering modifications for those who are not able to perform advanced poses yet."- Joey - Singapore 

"I have had the pleasure of being taught by Rebecca for some time and I feel truly blessed. She has an unconditional acceptance of all those who attend her classes; beginners through to experts.  Rebecca is highly gifted in her craft and remains humble to her purpose. She guides her pupils with gentle passion and warmth. It is an absolute delight to attend the classes she teaches - I find the hour goes by in a flash. I can’t imagine I’ll ever find another practitioner with the same high skill set and personal attributes that make Rebecca exceptional in her approach. Rebecca is a truly unique and shining light."- Rachel - UK

"Rebecca is a wonderful teacher. As a teacher myself I wanted a teacher that was able to push me, she is kind and patient and I always come out of her classes with the biggest smile on my face. Her knowledge is exceptional and studying with her is a privilege."- Lily - UK




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